Tactical planning in business

What is <em>tactical</em> <em>planning</em>?

What is tactical planning? We need to keep operational and strategic planning clearly distinct in our thinking and discussion of planning in organizations. Tactical planning is the process of outlining business plans for the coming year. This differs from strategic planning as strategic planning encompasses.

Definition of <em>Tactical</em> <em>Planning</em> in <em>Business</em>

Definition of Tactical Planning in Business The series will consist of the following articles: Social Technology Strategies and Tactics Just as in Setting Social Technology Goals and Objectives we defined the difference between goals and objectives, we start our strategic and tactical planning phase by defining the difference between strategy and tactics. Understanding the difference and separating strategies from tactics can be critical to the success of any marketing campan, especially over the long run. Tactical planning is such an important part of a company's strategic planning process that management consulting companies are often hired to assist.

<i>Tactical</i> Plans Examples & Overview - Video &

Tactical Plans Examples & Overview - Video & ENTERPRISE SOCIAL TECHNOLOGY SERIES As social media sites continue their meteoric rise as the fastest growing online, the push for companies to adopt social technology increases as well. Businesses can have a good strategy, but will fail if they don't execute. In this lesson, you will learn how tactical plans help turn a strategy.

Tactical planning in business:

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